483 Duvall Ave. N.E. Renton, WA. 98059
(425) 254-1346

Pre-K Room

Welcome to Pre-K! The last step before kindergarten.

Our Pre-K teacher prepares your child for a life time of learning. We use games and activities as tools to encourage growth in the five domains of school readiness, as determined by the National School Readiness initiative: Language development, cognition and general knowledge, social and emotion maturity, approaches to learning, and physical development.

Our Pre K class is full of learning, and also full of fun!

Pre-K Room Highlights:
– Pre K ratio 10*1
– Providing a foundation for learning
– Fun nurturing environment for children to learn and explore
– Developing literacy, science, and pre math skills
– Getting children socially and emotional ready for Kindergarten
– Meals and snacks included with tuition

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